Floating Docks

Have you ever though about increasing the size of your current dock? Or looking at installing a new dock on your waterfront property? Maybe you've thought of the project but find it too overwhelming! T Dock Australia can help you. Our docks are very easy to install. Just like playing with Lego blocks as a child? The concept is the same - for grownups! One of our expert installers can put it together for you or you can do it all yourself!

Why T Dock ?

Our products are Made In Europe, and are built to the European quality and standards that we have come to know. With T-Dock Australia, safety is paramount the standards by which we hold every cube are extremely high.  Our cubes are manufactured of a high quality resin that our competitors cannot match. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as we strive to provide you with a superior product and a superior service. 

Easy Transformation

Our customers have often mentioned that one of the standout qualities of T Dock is its unique versatility and ability to reconfigure any dock or pontoon to their current needs. In addition, the high grade polymer resin that T Dock is manufactured from does not overheat in the sun providing you with the ability to use it all year round. The product itself has a special UV resistance. Contact us to learn more about it!

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Easy Installation

Most of our docks can be installed by the client themselves in less than a day. The patented system is very easy to use and 2 people can install approximately 50 cubes in an hour or so. If you feel that you need some help with an installation or just don't have the time to do it yourself, our skilled and experienced team are more than happy to provide an installation service.  Our T Dock system has a multitude of uses including floating platforms for fish farms and solar farms, marina installations, water sports landing platforms private events and temporary installations. 



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