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    • Is there anything else I need to know?
      In order for your dock to give you the best stability it should be at least 2 meters wide, even though smaller widths are possible and will be covered by our warranty if the design is previously approved by us. If you are looking for docks that do not overheat during the hot summer months and that resist below zero temperatures, then we are the right company for you. We have tested our products in waves as high as 3 meters and the success rate has been very good - hence we can provide a warranty that covers waves and bad weather if previously approved design and project installation is handled by us.
    • What are your payment terms?
      They depend on your credit score, we will always be glad to provide you with the best possible terms. We can deliver any size of project within 2 weeks unless otherwise indicated during purchase.
    • Do i need building or council permits?
      We can assist you with these. We know that some countries require permits for installations on the water and we have all the expertise you need in order for your dock project to get approved. Ask us how and we will be glad to help.
    • Is my T Dock pre-assembled?
      Each Dock is pre-assembled at the factory. For designs which are too large for transport or shipping, the Docks are divided in sections. The re-assembly process is fast and straight-forward, and well documented in the Owner's Manual, Instruction Sheets, and Assembly and Installation Video / DVD.
    • Can I self-install my T Dock?
      Have you ever considered expanding your current dock? Or build a completely new dock on your waterfront property? Perhaps you haven't considered moving ahead with the project because it seems too complicated. T Dock can help you. Our docks are as easy to put together as 1-2-3. Do you remember playing with blocks as a child? The concept is the same - for grownups. Put your dock together yourself or you have it installed by one of the experts on our team.
    • Will my dock be fiixed or can i move it around?
      Yes, you can pull the dock in the water yourself or tie it up behind a boat to change its location or structure. If you have problems with receding water or coast lines, then you should know that our docks can also sit directly on the ground whether it is sandy or rocky, our docks are extremely resistant to the natural hazards that would negatively affect and possibly destroy most competing docks. The T Dock system is far superior to all other modular floating docks. You even have the possibility to assemble your dock from a boat, from the shore, from another dock or directly on the water. Please ask us how and we will help you find the solution that is right for you.  
    • How much warranty do i get with my T Dock products?
      T Dock offers a 5 year warranty on all of its products.
    • What about ice?
      If you are by a river and have moving ice, there is a very good chance you will need to remove your dock from the water during the winter months. If the ice is stagnant then you can leave your dock in the water and it will simply float on top of the ice. Ask us how and we will be glad to help.
    • The effects of Mother Nature...
      • What about wind, waves and water current?  
      T Dock's extreme durability, flexibility and light weight allow it to withstand the maximum waves and chop of any floating dock. The most vulnerable point will be the mooring. Typically, locations which experience waves under 2 feet in height are acceptable for T Dock moorings. See your T Dock advisor to determine if your mooring site is feasible.   
      • What about ice?
      T Dock is designed to remain in the water all year, even where freezing occurs. The Dock simply "pops-up" on top of the ice and is not damaged. "Stand-Alone" mooring poles must be removed. The T Dock should be removed for the winter where ice flows may tear out and wash away structures. Craft should always be land stored in areas subject to ice.  
      •  What about tide waters?
      The Tide Manager mooring system will allow the Dock to float up and down with fluctuating water levels.
    • Can I buy T Dock in different colours?
      As of 250 square meters we can deliver your dock in any color you like, otherwise we have basic colors to choose from that include: beige, grey, and blue.
    • What if my T Dock is black?
      The carbon pigment in the polymer yields a black color. It provides the highest level of durability, strength and flexibility. It is naturally UV stable and requires no "additives" or inhibitors. As a result, the Dock carries a 5 year warranty not found with other products. Also consider these aesthetic advantages:
      • -  the low-angle reflection of water is "dark" or "black"; the T Dock blends in attractively with the "seascape"
      • -  the stains from dirt, grime and marine growth are less conspicuous on the black modules than on white or light colored floats
      • -  the black color is "classic" and will not clash with your boat or surroundings. Old modules will also not appear "faded" next to new modules
    • How hot will my T Dock get in the sun?
      Footwear is recommended when walking on all dock surfaces. Also consider:
      • -  the majority of the T Dock surface is covered by the shadow of your boat, making much of the Dock cool to the touch
      • -  if the Dock is being used as a "walkway" or "deck" for sunbathing, etc., simply cover the areas with indoor/outdoor carpet, or inquire about new light-colored modules for walkways.
      • -  a white sand beach will burn your bare feet on a hot day. Wear footwear!
    • Will my T Dock require much maintenance?
      Our products can be cleaned with water; a pressurized hose makes them look like new. Or someone from our maintenance personnel can assist you.
    • How will my T Dock perform in shallow water?
        T Dock only "draws" about 2 to 4 inches of water. The minimum functional water depth is measured at the back of the Dock where drive-on takes place. Anticipate needing about 3 feet of water or deeper if manufacturer's recommended safe operational depth for the craft exceeds 3 feet. The forward section of the T Dock can sit on the ground during low water levels! -- an extraordinary feature of the T Dock system!
    • Will T Dock leave marks on my boat?
      T Dock modules are made of hi-density polyethylene that is softer than the hull of your boat. If you keep the dock clean, you will experience no damage. Should you allow the drive-on area of the T Dock to accumulate debris (sand, mud, etc.), an abrasive may form and scratch your hull. This situation also applies to your boat trailer, rack storage surfaces and bunks on a boat lift, or for sub-par or incorrectly formed hulls.
    • Is it hard to get my craft onto T Dock?
      The process is simple, just push back  your craft on the water and there you go. No docks are easier than T Dock system.
    • How do I get my boat off T Dock?
      The T DOCK is a safe, convenient drive-on docking system. The process is similar to driving on your boat trailer. Simply approach the Dock at idle speed and allow your momentum to slowly begin the drive-on process. Gently apply the throttle to hold your boat in the "safety pause" position, about 1/3rd of the way on the Dock. When ready, firmly throttle on the rest of the way. The craft will come to rest and stay put. Please contact your T Dock sales representative for airlift instructions.  
    • What are my installation or mooring options?
      1. a)  ...to a Floating dock: "hard tie" the T Dock tightly and with no slack. Both structures will float up and down together.
      2. b)  ...to Stationary structures: the Tide Manager rigid mooring system, (vertically placed steel poles incased in PVC sleeves), securely attaches the T Dock to your structure without inhibiting its movement up and down with your water levels.
      3. c)  ...to no structure whatsoever: where no dock or seawall exists, use the "Stand-Alone" Tide Manager mooring system. Mooring poles are placed through special sleeves in the T Dock modules and driven directly into the sea floor. Recommended for calm, shallow waters.
    • Why is T Dock better than other brands?
      We are able to give you a lifetime guarantee - that is, for a product MADE IN EUROPE, built with European quality and according to European standards - not by a third world manufacturer. With us, safety always comes first and we only manufacture to the specifications in which we would have our children walk and play on the docks. We would never put you or your family at risk. When comparing the products built by our competitors, you can consider us as the most stress-free company to buy from. Our customer service is available 24/7 and we can even help you obtain the building plans or your dock installation permit should you request. Our in-house financing options allow us to best meet your needs while taking into consideration your possible budget constraints. We are less expensive than our competition and yet eco-friendly and always think of our impact on the environment before we make a decision that could affect our children' s future.

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